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CSC Soccer

The CSC Soccer Program is designed for soccer players of all ages and ability levels who want to improve their skill-set in a positive learning environment. From beginner to advanced, a progression to mastery is the priority for all areas of technical/tactical skill including:

  • Speed Dribbling 
  • Turns & Attacking Moves
  • Passing, Receiving & Turning
  • All Striking Techniques
  • Non- Dominant Foot Focus 
  • Attacking/ Defensive Technqiue 

Program is led by former U.S. National Team member (ages 12-20), and former High School and Collegiate All-American (Wake Forest University) Rachel Campanaro.  Rachel also played two years professionally for the Pali Blues and Santa Clarita Blue Heat before deciding to open CSC Soccer. Rachel has incredible knowledge, insight, and passion for teaching the game of Soccer. These qualities make this program one of our most popular, and extremely beneficial for anyone wanting to improve their skill set and maximize their potential as a Soccer player.

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